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Avengers Assemble

#asdsfjg #obviously rdj is taking the tony approach like the bitch he is #and then you’ve got thiddles coming out all awkward and smiley like um hey guise #and then there’s ruffalo like yeah sure idk what to do i’ll just throw up some peace signs #AND THEN THERE’S RENNER WHO COMES OUT LIKE GOOD NIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMAN I HOPE YOUR BODIES ARE APPROPIATELY PREPARED FOR MY DICK #IAKSDJKSJFG LMFAO oh god help

#the greatest #i’ve got red in my ledger. i’d like to wipe it clean.  #she manipulates people’s gendered expectations of her to extract information #she conducts interrogations by letting people think they’ve bested her #by letting men think they’ve bested her #because she’s small and fragile and female and she is emotional and easy to snap in half #and then she tears them apart #and it’s the greatest thing and you’re the greatest thing and i love you #get your own movie

I still love Coulson just waiting because this is just day to day, boring office work for him! THEY’RE SO BADASS!!

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