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Feeling down and still sneezy and still sleep. Listening to Everthere and Puncture Repair on repeat. Probably not the best move but whatever. Think mum’s feeling the same - we’re both sat on our computers and have said like, three words to each other since she came home from work. We should make dinner but I don’t think eaither of us care enough to eat right now.


RJD2: ‘Here’s What’s Left’ (Belle & Sebastian Refix)

Fine groovin’


Oooooh. Chilled! Well, it’d be more chilled if I didn’t have an annoying dog barking in the background and the typical police sirens of a Friday night going up and down the A5, but yeah - chilled.

Amie - check this out!

  • Track Name

    Stay Loose

  • Album

    Dear Catastrophe Waitress

  • Artist

    Belle & Sebastian

Stay Loose | Belle & Sebastian

Everything is flat and dreary
I couldn’t care what’s in the news
Television is the blues
Television is hysterical laughter of people

God I love the guitars on this. They’re so just *wordspazms* they’re just gorgeous. Properly gorgeous. Please listen! It’s such a great song anyway.

I’ve got to stop reblogging so much Avengers stuff. Sorry people who follow me who haven’t seen it/people who don’t care for the film/people who don’t enjoy being spammed.

Played Ukulele Anthem the entire way through just now and it actually sounded like a proper song! Go me! Still hate B, E and D chords, but getting faster at changes and improving on my strumming.

Got some more base coat when I was in town too, so halfway through painting my nails now. Not sure whether to go for green or red. Turns out those are the only two colours I have that aren’t nude.

Tired, but feel better for getting out of the flat and stuff. Still behind on lots of things, still have wreckage of a car to fix and am still listening to pretty-but-somewhat-depressing songs (Tallahassee, Samson, Coast To Coast) which is probably a bad move, but eh.

Ok. Now listening to Pop Culture on repeat and sorely wishing I was back at the house because then I could sneak downstairs and dance like a loonbeast and I wouldn’t wake anyone up or, if I did, I could quickly stop before they walked into the room and OH GOD THIS FLAT IS TOO SMALL FOR ME AND MUM.

Well. No. It’s not really. It’s just too small for me, mum, all of mum’s junk and my weird personal space bubble issues. Why so selective, personal space bubble? And yeah, we need to find somewhere bigger. So we can fit me, mum, all of mum’s junk and most of my junk there. And I can have like, a space that feels like my own again.

Or I could like, become homeless? Then the world’s kind of my oyster or something? *sighs* Idek.

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