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Crazy Random Happenstance: I fucking dare you to make a comment and you are not allowed to backspace. Let's see how great of a typer you are.







wow so i fucked up the first time but now i’m oky i guess



my usual typo lol

I hate this game i’m lite terriblt diyslectic and i have no clue where the kays are…

Well this could be interesting. Not sure what to leave so I’ll say what I’m thinking about at the moment - Jeremy Renner and how he’s kind of hot but a…it’s turning into a weird crush atm and I don’t even know (the a was a typo)

Also thinking about how I was up til like 5nowait 6 yesterday morning and the daw n was gorgeous and I was like WOOT I will see this soon in many field s over teh UK and oh man that’s gonna be cold.

And also listening to Tallahassee again and it’s so fucking beautiful but omfg I need to listen to something less morose ebecause I’m getting a little blankfaced.

Er, so didn’t fuck up too much. Had to retype stuff I had typed as I am so sed…used to backspacing. Don’t think I was typng and ….any even any less fast than normal and now I just cannot words that make sense. Ok. time to seelp….fuck. sleep. i meant sleep.

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